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Warrior King

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Jamaican singer Warrior King, born Mark Dyer, rose to fame in 2001 with his debut single “Virtuous Woman”, produced by Michael ‘Lion Paw’ Johnson. In 2002, his first album, also entitled Virtuous Woman, released by VP Records spent nine weeks on the Billboard.com charts. In 2005, his second studio album entitled Hold the Faith, also released on the VP Records label, was also a major international success.

Throughout his career, Warrior King’s compositions have consistently charted in the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. The singer’s hit singles “Never Go Where Pagans Go”, “A Friend Indeed”, “Can’t Get Me Down” and other compositions such as “Empress So Divine” and “Jah Is Always There” – which was a summer smash on Atlanta’s More Fire chart in 2002 - have brought Warrior King much favour. Other hits such as “I Love You” released on the Tixie’s label went number one in Japan in the early 2000’s and “Baby Girl” went number one in Ghana in 2005. The artiste released “Love is in the Air”, 2009; “Tell Me How Me Sound”, 2011 on the Tads Records label and “Ain’t Giving Up” on his own Rootz Warrior label in collaboration with Irie Sound International in early 2015.

Warrior King has been featured among many reggae greats, both on stage and by way of recorded collaborations. The most recent album, The Rootz Warrior, released in April 2016, is available through all major music distribution and streaming websites.

Among his many recognitions and awards, Barrack Obama, former President of the United States of America (USA), in 2008, publicly declared “Virtuous Woman” as one of his favourite songs and Warrior King as one of his favourite reggae artistes on CNN Live and NBC. The latter notion was seconded by British Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton on BBC Television..Warrior King received The Marcus Garvey Music Award in 2010 along with Jimmy Tucker for their musical work. More recently, Byron W Brown, Mayor of the City of Buffalo declared June 11 as ‘Mark “Warrior King” Dyer Day’ during the 2017 Sankofa Days Block Party, part of the 42nd Juneteeth Festival in Buffalo, New York.








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