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Akae Beka

Akae Beka. For better or worse, artists and music are always evolving. It is especially pleasing to see the positive movements continue for those artists we look to for music emanating positive and conscious energies. As lead singer for Midnite, the legendary roots band from St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vaughn Benjamin holds a special place in roots music, with an expansive catalog of over sixty albums of extraordinary lyrics, heavy roots production and haunting vocal tones. Now stepping out on his own and claiming the title Akae Beka (the name of an ancient oath described in the Book of Enoch that sets forth creation and revealing of truths), he shows no sign of slowing down following a brief but noted hiatus over the last year. Since late 2015 he has released 2 new albums under the new name Akae Beka – Homage to the Land (Fifth Son/VPAL) and Portals (I Grade Records), with several new albums coming forth in 2016 and 2017, starting with the roots masterpiece, Livicated (Zion High Productions) on October 21, 2016. In celebration of this new evolution and in support of several new albums, Akae Beka and his band has been on the road intensively since late 2015, and has quickly re-established momentum through the releasing of acclaimed recordings alongside outstanding live shows. You can check out upcoming tour dates and all other Akae Beka info at www.facebook.com/theakaebeka


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