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Over Three Decades Representing World Music and Reggae Artists

Fast Lane International, founded in 1984 to spread the positive conscious energy and message of Reggae Music, has entered its fourth decade of representation for artists in the reggae and world beat genres. Classic roots reggae greats and exciting new world music artists grace the roster for 2017. The agency also continues to assist venues and event planners with bookings, budgeting and talent buying.

From such a broad base of experience in the market, it can be noted that the business of music has gone through some dramatic changes, especially over the past ten years with the advent of social media. It is the goal of this agency to assist artists in understanding the dynamics of this change and what is now required of artists serious about developing an audience or fan base prior to booking engagements. Fast Lane is prepared to offer guidance and encouragement to emerging artists and share the prospects of exciting new talent with venues and promoters.

To that end Fast Lane is pleased to introduce new and exciting international artists to US markets and to foster the exposure of more classic reggae greats to younger audiences. This year will prove to be an exceptional one for reggae veterans Big Mountain returning to the roster after a long break; classic Roots Reggae greats Culture (now fronted by Kenyatta Hill) will be on a worldwide tour in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Two Sevens Clash Album which Rolling Stone in 2007 called the “coolest Reggae Album of all time”

Kenyatta Hill, embarking on a solo career, has released both a highly-acclaimed album and several singles on Honest Music and is touring to promote them. His latest collaboration with Puma P’tah, of Thievery Corp, and Vaughn Benjamin, titled Policeman, is a remake of the same titled 1980 hit by Joseph Hill, and might be an ideal anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Policeman https://youtu.be/QiK3_R5CV7g

Download Police Man MP3 HERE

This will be the year of 9 for Jah9, the first lady of the neo-roots reggae revival who comes out with her new album on VP records simply titled 9. Old school blues improvisation, meets hard hitting lyrical prowess, in a rich imaginative blend of vocal clarity and complexity. She sings with a voice that belies the dimensions of her physical body, from a soul much older than its current vessel. Her philosophy is profoundly spiritual, and ...her style is Jazz on Dub.

At this time we are also honored to welcome and announce exclusive representation of several special artists who continue to show the influence of Reggae on world music and culture. 

From Italy comes Mellow Mood who are currently taking Europe and South America by storm and return for a full US tour after making their US debut as a favorite at the Sierra Nevada World Music Fest. They have already been rebooked for SNWMF and added Cali Roots Fest to their 2017 Tour.

Dubtonic Kru is modern reggae to the core. Imagine heavy baselines, one drops, psychedelic guitar riffs, echoing keyboards, popping percussion and conscious lyrics. Now imagine roots reggae, imagine dub and rock. Put them all together and you get a new breed of Jamaican music called DubTonic Kru.

Vaughn Benjamin (founding member of Midnite) comes to Fast Lane with his new band Akae Beka and new album on the heels of Portals titled Livicated to spread the message of Rastafari worldwide.

And last but not least we are extremely excited to bring aboard European Festival favorites Meta & The Cornerstones.  With varying ethnicity, religion, and musical influences, Meta & The Cornerstones’ sound is a melting pot of diversity, strength, and unity. With Senegal-born Meta Dia at the front on vocals they present an exquisite mix of Reggae, African, Caribbean and Middle Eastern beats. Promoting tolerance and unity, Meta's music is uplifting and positive, while it re-imagines reggae with an African aesthetic



Last Updated 10.18.16

Akae Beka
Big Mountain
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Culture w/Kenyatta Hill
DubTonic Kru
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Kenyatta Hill
Mellow Mood
Meta & Cornerstones
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